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Seniors Care

Unity Health provides comprehensive and compassionate care for elderly people facing age-related issues like chronic disease, mobility problems and more.

We have a variety of Programs and Clinics at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, and Providence Healthcare.

Seniors Care at St. Joseph's Health Centre

St. Joseph’s provides outpatient assessment, health promotion and illness prevention for the elderly, with the aim of assisting patients and families to manage the challenges associated with aging.

One of the most highly regarded geriatric programs in Toronto, the Clinic for Healthy Aging (CHA) provides initial and follow-up assessments, health education, consultation, diagnosis of dementia including Alzheimer’s, treatment and assistance in planning for the future.

We provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive medical, cognitive and functional examination and health screening on a regular basis.
  • Specialized treatment programs streamlined to the needs of the elderly.
  • Up-to-date information and resources on management of elderly people living at home.
  • Expert consultation and support to families and caregivers who require assistance with caring for frail elderly people living at home.
  • Personalized information to the elderly and their families requiring assistance with planning and selecting appropriate accommodation in the community.

Clients are seen on a medical referral basis only. Please use the CHA Referral Form to refer patients.

3rd floor East Wing
Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm

Seniors Care at St. Michael's Hospital

The team at the St. Michael’s Hospital cares for older adults with complex chronic diseases and conditions associated with aging.

The Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit provides an elder-friendly environment for patients over 70 who have multiple chronic health conditions, may be seeing a decline in their function and/or are facing complex social issues. The unit comprises eight beds at St. Michael’s Hospital.

With physiotherapists and occupational therapists on our team, there is an emphasis on the patient’s mobility and function to help them maintain their independence and ability to return home. The unit embraces a collaborative and interprofessional philosophy to providing care. The team works closely with community partners facilitating a safe transition home by ensuring that the appropriate supports are in place.

14th Floor Cardinal Carter Wing

As we age, many of us develop chronic diseases that affect our well-being, as well as our independence. The team at the St. Michael’s Hospital Elders’ Clinic cares for older adults with complex chronic diseases and conditions associated with aging including memory and thinking changes, mobility problems and falls, bowel or bladder difficulties, poor nutrition and challenges managing multiple illnesses and medications.

We provide comprehensive geriatric assessments for older adults, and when it’s needed, we will connect you with appropriate community support services. A comprehensive geriatric assessment is designed to assess the functional ability, health (physical, cognitive, and mental), and socioenvironmental situation of older people in order to develop a coordinated and integrated plan for management.

9th Floor, Donnelly Wing
Fax: 416-864-5735
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


You will need a referral from a doctor. Referrals can be faxed to the Elders’ Clinic at 416-864-5735.

Subject to change, pending centralized intake implementation

*Referring physicians and nurse practitioners – please see our notice of eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria (exceptions may apply but are subject to review with geriatrician)

  • Reside within our catchment area (south of Bloor/Danforth, east of Yonge, west of Don Valley Parkway, north of Lake Ontario) or meet exception criteria (see referral form)
  • Be age 65 years and above (or 60 years and above if referring for cognitive concerns)
  • Have at least one identified geriatric concern
  • Have not been seen by another geriatrician within the last two years for the same concerns
  • Patient / designated substitute decision-maker must be aware and agreeable to referral and sharing of information
  • Referrals from long term care are subject to approval from geriatrician
  • We do not provide urgent medical care or crisis management services

Geriatric Emergency Management nurses have specialized knowledge of the issues older adults often face. These nurses collaborate with the Emergency Department physicians and nursing staff in the assessment of frail, at-risk older adults and link them to appropriate resources and specialized geriatric services within the hospital or the community as needed.

Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm
Some occasional weekend and evening hours. Availability is subject to change.


  • Older adults who come to the Emergency Department are screened by nurses and/or doctors to identify those who are at risk and to determine who would benefit from a targeted geriatric assessment by a Geriatric Emergency Management nurse.

The Inpatient Consultation Team focuses on the prevention and management of geriatric syndromes such as delirium, dementia, falls, functional decline, frailty, incontinence and medical complexity.


  • You will need a referral from a doctor. If you are 65 years or older and admitted to the Trauma Service or the Orthopedics Service with a fragility fracture, a referral is automatically made to the Inpatient Consultation Team.
  • View Inpatient Consultation Team Referral Form

Seniors Care at Providence Healthcare

Providence Healthcare is devoted to providing support, care and resources to seniors in need. For additional information on how to make a referral, please download and read our Referring Partners Guide.

For more information, visit our Adult Day Program page.

Building a Centre of Excellence for Rehabilitation Science and Health Living at Providence Healthcare

Planning a future Campus of Care with  leading Seniors’ Health and Long-Term Care programs at Providence

Providence Healthcare, a site of Unity Health Toronto, is developing a bold new vision to become a Centre of Excellence for Rehabilitation Science and Healthy Living.

The future Campus of Care

As part of this work, we will develop a leading Seniors’ Health Program that reflects best-in-class programs, services and wraparound ambulatory and community supports to foster healthy living at home and in the community, and seamless transitions from hospital to home. Our aim is to create a Campus of Care that will support healthy living for the Seniors in our communities.

One aspect of this exciting project includes an expansion of our current Long-Term Care Program, including the construction of a new building that will support our long-term care footprint. This will build on our current programming and services to further support seniors’ health in the communities served by Unity Health Toronto, and specifically at Providence – all contributing to our Campus of Care model.

Expanding our Long-Term Care program

On March 18, the Ontario government announced allocating 180 new long-term care spaces to Unity Health Toronto for a net new home on the Providence site as part of our proposed Campus of Care and Senior’s Health Program. This announcement is part of the Province’s $933 million investment in 80 new long-term care projects that will add more than 7,500 new spaces and upgrade nearly 4,200 spaces across Ontario.

With this announcement, Unity Health will be able to expand our capacity and serve more seniors in the East End community. The new long-term care home will include high-acuity priority access beds, dementia programming, specialized geriatric services, and will embed research and education in many areas.

Learn more about this announcement and what it means for our project here.

Watch our Community Town Hall from June 22, 2021

Contact us

Have questions about this project? Email us at or call 416 864 5034

Scotiabank Learning Centre

Please note the Centre is currently closed due to COVID-19. We are available over the phone at 416-285-3666 ext. 4177 to support caregivers virtually.

Welcome to the Scotiabank Learning Centre – a multi-faceted resource centre for families learning to cope with life-altering illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, dementia, arthritis and Parkinson’s. The centre is organized into a variety of zones allowing people the flexibility to research, request and/or take away information that is relevant, current and applicable for each unique situation. 

The centre is equipped with: 

  • Computer work stations 
  • A meeting table for support groups and education forums for caregivers 
  • A media centre and leisure space with a 52-inch flat screen TV, a PlayStation 4 game for leisure or rehab 
  • A play area for visiting children 
  • A private room with an additional computer and phone available 
  • An outdoor garden 

416-285-3666 ext. 4177
Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 9 pm

Caregiver Support Groups

Please note all support groups are currently virtual due to COVID-19. Please call us for more information.

We hold three monthly support groups. Group meetings consist of roundtable discussions on topics relating to dementia and caregiving. Participants enjoy meeting new friends and sharing their thoughts, ideas and helpful hints for caring for someone with dementia. Upon request, we can provide individual family sessions.

Caregivers need care too. Join our support groups for those caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.

  • Wives support group: The first Tuesday of each month, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
  • Adult Children support group: The second Thursday of each month, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • Spousal support group: The third Tuesday of each month, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

On-site parking is available at a rate of $2.75 per each half hour or $10 daily maximum. Please call 416-285-3666 ext. 4419 if you require any additional information.

Clients of Providence’s Adult Day Program may attend the program while caregiver(s) participate in the support group. Please phone ahead to let us know if you will be bringing your family member.

Dementia Workshops

Dementia workshops for family caregivers by the Alzheimer Society of Toronto are currently taking place virtually due to COVID-19. Please call us for more information.

Education Sessions

We also offer several monthly group education sessions and self-help series, such as Living with Stroke, and Living with Stroke and Aphasia.

All services are free of charge. To register for one of these programs, call 416-285-3810 and please leave a message.

Alzheimer Society of Toronto (AST) Satellite Office

People living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia and their caregivers can access more support in their community because of Providence Healthcare’s partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Toronto (AST). The AST’s satellite office within Providence is bringing services closer to people living in the east end of Toronto, as well as for Providence’s own patients, residents, and clients.

1st Floor B-Wing, Room 116

Helpful resources

Our rehabilitation programs focus on providing our patients, clients and their families, with the interventions, treatment, resources and supports to optimize recovery. Our programs include:

  • Stroke and Neuro Rehab
  • Orthopedic and Amputee Rehab
  • Geriatric and Medical Rehab

Our programs are supported by skilled interprofessional teams including registered nurses, registered practical nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, therapeutic recreationists, social workers, dietitians, speech language pathologists, pharmacists and physicians. All patients and families are engaged in identifying goals, planning care and the ongoing review of progress planning and discharge.

At Providence, planning for discharge starts as early in the path of recovery as possible. An important part of the process is establishing an expected date of discharge and identifying potential barriers to discharge so that the patient/family and their healthcare team have time to resolve the barriers and to best prepare for the transition to home.

We offer the following clinics for inpatients in Providence Hospital:

  • Eye Clinic
  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Cardiology Clinic
  • Geriatric Medicine Clinic
  • Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic
  • Neurology Clinic
  • Palliative Consult Clinic
  • Palliative Neurology Clinic

3276 St Clair Ave E.


Community Referral Form

Our outpatient clinics and services provide community-based programs with a strong focus on the needs of both individuals and their caregivers. Building strong community networks and connections is a key priority for Providence Healthcare.

Arthritis Services

The arthritis services clinic is held twice a month at Providence by the Arthritis Society. For more information, visit our Rheumatology page.


Providence Hospital chiropodists provide on-site assessment, treatment and prevention of diseases or disorders of the foot by therapeutic, surgical, orthotic or palliative means. For more information, visit our Chiropody page.

Falls Prevention Clinic

The Falls Prevention Clinic is a client-centred, holistic program that offers a comprehensive mobility assessment and treatment program to individuals who are at risk for falls, have experienced a functional loss, and have identifiable rehabilitation goals. There is a focus on maximizing the individual’s function and safety while living in the community. This program is available to patients transitioning back to the community following an inpatient rehabilitation admission as well as individuals living in the community. Services include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, as well as a review of the client’s medications by a certified geriatric pharmacist, with the focus to maximize an individual’s capability and safety while living in the community. This clinic falls under the umbrella of Specialized Geriatric Services provided by the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto.

GLA:D Clinic (for Osteoarthritis)

This program is designed to help people who have osteoarthritis in their hips or knees. For more information, visit our Rheumatology page.

Pain Clinic

The pain clinic services are provided by a family practice physician who specializes in pain management and focuses on rehabilitation and providing people with tools to manage pain effectively. Individuals with conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain and headaches are suitable for the clinic. This clinic follows a holistic approach as it addresses the mind, body and spirit.

Physiatry Clinic

This on-site service provided by a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician (physiatrist) encompasses the comprehensive diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of people of all ages with neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and associated disabilities.

Stroke and Neuro Clinic

The Stroke and Neuro Clinic offers assessment and rehabilitation services to individuals with recent strokes who are outpatients of Providence Hospital and acute care centres, as well as to individuals with neurological conditions who are outpatients of Providence Hospital. For more information, visit our Stroke and Cerebrovascular page.

Orthopedic and Amputee Clinic

The Orthopaedic and Amputee Clinic offers consultation, assessment and rehabilitation services to outpatients of Providence Hospital, acute care hospitals and individuals living in the community with acute musculoskeletal injuries and amputation. It also includes an Amputee Assistive Devices Clinic. For more information, visit our Orthopedics page.

Providence Healthcare provides a wide range of services to geriatric clients, aged 65 and up, or those younger who present with geriatric conditions or symptoms, living in the community.

Download the Community Referral Checklist referral form here

Our services include:

Geriatric Medicine Clinic

Clients in the Geriatric Medicine Clinic are assessed by a geriatrician, registered nurse, and pharmacist who will complete a comprehensive medical consultation to make recommendations for treatment and link back to the primary care physician or referral source. The geriatrician will facilitate linkages with other Providence geriatric services as needed, including Community Outreach, Geriatric Psychiatry, the Falls Prevention Clinic, and/or the Geriatric and Medical Rehabilitation inpatient units.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach service provides a comprehensive home-based assessment by an interprofessional team (pharmacist, occupational therapist, nurse, physiotherapist, and social worker) for geriatric clients with multiple complex medical, functional, and psycho-social conditions in their home. This service provides client-specific recommendations to the primary care physician or referral source, and referral to community partners and services when appropriate.

Outpatient Clinics
B1 Clinics Entrance (B-wing, 1st Floor – Clinics Entrance)
Referral by physician only.

Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic

A geriatric psychiatrist provides assessment, consultation and treatment to geriatric individuals who may have a mental health issue, a dementia syndrome, behavioural or psychosocial issues. Consultation typically occurs in the on-site clinic setting, however, home visits may be arranged for homebound individuals, as needed, with support from our outreach team. The Geriatric psychiatrist will facilitate linkages with other Providence geriatric services as needed, including Community Outreach and Geriatric medicine. Referrals can be made to other community support services as needed.

Frailty Intervention Team (On Hold)

The on-site Frailty Intervention Team (FIT) consists of an interprofessional team including a primary care physician, pharmacist, occupational therapist, and a nurse and social worker. The mandate of the FIT is to assess geriatric clients presenting with acute, complex medical issues, and triage them accordingly to avoid unnecessary ED visits and improve outcomes. The physician provides triage, medical assessment, consultation, treatment, referral to a team of allied health professionals (where appropriate) and linkage back to the community physician or referral source. If needed, the client can be admitted directly to Providence Healthcare’s inpatient or outpatient programs.

Medication Management

This clinical Medication Management Service is provided by a certified geriatric pharmacist and is designed to optimize therapeutic outcomes for individuals through a clinic or home-based assessment of all aspects of medication use. A comprehensive report is provided to the referral source, including an assessment, summary and recommendations

As of April 1, 2021, St. Michael’s Foundation amalgamated with Providence Healthcare Foundation and all receipts will be issued by St. Michael’s Foundation.

We are pleased to let you know that your donation will go directly to the organization and priority that you have designated.

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