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Critical Care

Unity Health’s Critical Care Departments comprise Intensive Care Units for patients facing life-threatening illness or injury.

Between St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital, we have six adult Intensive Care Units.

Critical Care at St. Joseph's Health Centre

There are two critical care units at St. Joseph’s.

Clinics & Services

The Coronary Care Unit (CCU) team works closely with partner hospitals to provide care to patients with acute coronary syndromes that require advanced monitoring and support.

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The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) specializes in the care and treatment of patients with complex conditions who need advanced support for various body systems including breathing and circulation.

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Critical Care at St. Michael's Hospital

At St. Michael’s, there are four Intensive Care Units (ICU) including the Cardiac ICU, the Cardiovascular ICU, the Medical Surgical ICU and the Trauma and Neurosurgery ICU.

The Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) team provides care to patients immediately following heart or vascular surgery or complex intervention. For more information, see our Heart and Vascular page.

4th Floor Cardinal Carter

Clinical leader manager: Michelle Williams
416-864-6060 Ext. 43842

The Trauma and Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit (TNICU) provides traumatic and neurosurgical care to patients from across the province.

9th Floor Donnelly Wing

Clinical leader manager: Liz Butorac

Prospective applicants for the International Fellowship program should consult the following document for information regarding program requirements and the application process itself:


The overarching goal of education within the Critical Care Department is to provide a safe learning environment for students, residents, and fellows of a variety of different specialties, where they are able to learn and practice new skills. Key aspects of the education program include:

  • Students are provided with a varied learning experience through diverse, yet interrelated ICU experiences across the MSICU, CVICU, and TNICU
  • Students learn to use and effectively manage patients with state of the art technology within the ICUs
  • Each learning environment is multidisciplinary in nature – students will learn to work with others in their own specialty, as well as alongside others of different specialties, fostering communication and teamwork across different disciplines
  • Introduce students to research aspect of Critical Care by presenting them with a variety of research opportunities

Clinics & Services

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) team treats patients with acute coronary syndromes. The CICU also acts as a referral site for advanced interventional cardiology procedures.

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The Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MSICU) specializes in the care and treatment of patients with complex conditions who need advanced breathing and circulation support.

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Last updated November 07, 2023