Speech and Hearing Month

Celebrating those who empower the ability to communicate

Cover of Unity Health Toronto Strategic PlanMay 13, 2019 – Speech, language and cognitive disorders can adversely affect academics, work and social interaction. Speech language pathologists and audiologists train extensively to optimize these most human of functions: communication and swallowing – talking and eating.

When an individual’s ability to effectively communicate or swallow changes because of conditions such as stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, head or neck cancer, or dementia, it can have a huge impact on their quality of life.

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Celebrating physiotherapists

Restoring movement, ability and quality of life

May 13, 2019 – May is Physiotherapy Month at Unity Health Toronto! We are celebrating our physiotherapists (PTs) by highlighting the work that they do to support our patients, families, caregivers and community.

Across Unity Health Toronto’s three sites, physiotherapists work clinically as part of the interprofessional team in the majority of medical and surgical units, critical care, ambulatory care, family health teams, specialized clinics, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs, and the community. Physiotherapists refer, supervise and work with Physiotherapy Assistants.

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Introducing Unity Health Toronto’s first strategic plan

Cover of Unity Health Toronto Strategic Plan

This plan is the culmination of months of research and engagement. We reviewed emerging local, provincial, national and global trends in health care. We took a deep dive into our own work to examine our service areas and patient mix across our three sites. We looked carefully at the communities we serve and how they are growing and changing.

We invited our partners, our patients, families and our communities to join us in our planning journey. Through interviews, focus groups, surveys and pop-up booths, we asked people to tell us what they want from Unity Health Toronto, where they feel we should and must contribute, and we asked people to tell us about their aspirations for Unity Health. We asked people to dream big.

This plan is the result. This document outlines our vision for the future of Unity Health Toronto and the commitments we are making – together.

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Get to know our new vice-president of Research and Innovation: Dr. Ori Rotstein

May 1, 2019 – Dr. Ori Rotstein, previously the surgeon-in-chief of St. Michael’s Hospital and the director of the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science (KRCBS), starts his new role as vice-president of Research and Innovation at Unity Health Toronto today.

Dr. Rotstein is also a scientist at the KRCBS, and his research focus centres around inflammation and the body’s response to hemorrhagic shock or getting a low blood pressure. Dr. Rotstein’s research group aims to find new therapies by better understanding how shock resuscitation or ischemia reperfusion injures organs.

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Bringing our Mission and Values to life

Our people tell you why these are foundational to our organization

May 1, 2019 – Providence, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s were founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph with a mission of caring for all in need, with a particular focus on the poor, vulnerable and forgotten in society. Across three centuries, we’ve continued to honour this tradition of compassionate quality care.

Last June, we set out to develop a new mission statement and set of values for Unity Health Toronto. We asked you to help us find the right words to reflect how. In the coming months, the Mission Integration team will be sharing more about how our Mission and Values will shape our future.

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