Financial Accountability

Unity Health is committed to accountability and transparency. As part of that commitment, we are happy to share our key financial information with our community — our patients and families, our staff, and the broader public. 

Sharing this information is also in keeping with the Ontario government’s push towards that same accountability and transparency within the public sector. 

Our hospital believes that transparency and accountability are very important, and participating in the annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure (PSSD) gives the communities we serve quick access to important financial information about our organization.

In accordance with the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996, the annual “Sunshine List” includes the names and positions of hospital employees who earned over $100,000 in salary and taxable benefits during the previous calendar year. The full PSSD that includes a number of provincially funded organizations is available publicly on the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Finance website.

Last updated July 02, 2024