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Heart & Vascular


Unity Health’s Heart and Vascular program provides the best heart care to patients at every stage of their journey. Our experienced team of cardiologists and cardiac diagnostic technicians specialize in a variety of diseases, fields and services related to heart health.

Heart & Vascular at St. Joseph's Health Centre

At St. Joseph’s Health Centre, our experienced team of cardiologists and cardiac diagnostic technicians provide people living in West Toronto with excellent heart care for a wide variety of cardiac issues.

Clinics & Services

Our cardiologists are able to assess, diagnose and treat cardiac-related issues including atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and hypertension. Patients requiring care can be referred by their family doctor. Once a referral is received, an appointment will be booked in the next available clinic time.

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The Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine Department provides heart and respiratory care to the communities of West Toronto. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tests for cardiac disease.

At St. Joseph’s we provide comprehensive access to diagnostic cardiac testing including electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiography, holter monitoring, Stress Tests (GXT) and nuclear cardiology stress tests. Within Unity health we have access to St Michael’s Hospital’s cardiac and vascular surgery to ensure complete cardiac care is provided for our patients.

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The Heart Failure Clinic specializes in taking care of patients with a heart failure diagnosis. The team provides education for patients and their families so that they can better understand and manage their condition. We also optimize your medical therapy to improve your heart failure symptoms, improve heart function, and to decrease the need for hospitalization.

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Patients with pacemakers come to the clinic on a regular schedule. During the clinic visit, patients are seen by device technologists, or a cardiologist who specializes in electrophysiology. They will make sure the pacemaker is working properly.

The Pacemaker Clinic is an outpatient clinic that provides education and follow-up for patients with implanted pacemakers to ensure safe and proper function. Pacemaker appointments are typically scheduled every six months. At each scheduled visit, your pacemaker will be checked by a device certified technologist and reviewed by a cardiologist. Pacemaker implantation and pack changes can be arranged through the clinic and are performed at St. Joseph’s in the main operating room.

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Heart & Vascular at St. Michael's Hospital

The Heart and Vascular Program at St. Michael’s is a leader in a range of clinical and academic services in the investigation, prevention and treatment of heart disease and vascular conditions. As the first hospital in Canada to perform a tricuspid valve repair, St. Michael’s offers innovative options for the treatment of valvular disease such as mitral clip repairs.

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Brain & Heart

BRAIN&HEART delivers patient-focused and personalized care through a unique, multidisciplinary approach seamlessly integrating expertise in both brain and heart health. Addressing a wide spectrum of concerns related to neurological and cardiovascular well-being, this centre brings together  world-renowned cardiac surgeons, cardiac interventionalists, and neurovascular surgeons. Together with a diverse group of multidisciplinary staff, these teams provide innovative, and specialized care, supporting the individual needs of patients in a number of specialized clinics leading up to their procedure, through to recovery.

Contact information:
7th Floor, Bond Wing (access Donnelly North elevators)
30 Bond St. Toronto, ON M5B 1X1

The Robert McRae Heart Health Unit

The Robert McRae Heart Health Unit is a patient-centred practice dealing with all concerns regarding heart health. From cardiac prevention to complex surgery clinics, the Heart Health Unit works diligently to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to all those who step into the clinic. This centre is composed of multiple specialized clinics with the world’s best cardiologists, including:

Contact information:
Phone: 416-864-5200
Fax: 416-864-5566
7th Floor, Bond Wing (access Donnelly North elevators)
30 Bond St. Toronto, ON M5B 1X1

Vascular Surgery Clinic

Cardiac Surgery Clinic

Genetic Counselling

Heart & Vascular at Providence Healthcare

As of April 1, 2021, St. Michael’s Foundation amalgamated with Providence Healthcare Foundation and all receipts will be issued by St. Michael’s Foundation.

We are pleased to let you know that your donation will go directly to the organization and priority that you have designated.

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