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Interprofessional Practice Program

Interprofessional Practice (IPP) is the collective knowledge, skills and judgement of a team of health care professionals who work collaboratively and holistically with patients and their families to create and achieve goals that respect the patient’s mind, body and spirit.

The Interprofessional Practice program at Unity Health Toronto is a made up of a team of nursing and health disciplines leaders who support collaborative practice and education across the various clinical programs at our three sites.

Working together as a team, the IPP program encourages opportunities for learning, sharing of knowledge and the development of new skills between interprofessional team members. The best patient care experience is created together as a team.

Together, the Interprofessional Practice Program:

  • Establishes and implements best-practice guidelines and standards
  • Partners with nursing and health disciplines clinicians to support their professional development and clinical excellence
  • Leads quality improvement initiatives
  • Supports the common goal of providing compassionate and quality care to patients and their families
  • Supports partnerships with academic affiliations and community organizations
  • Encourages interprofessional research and innovation across Unity Health Toronto
  • Advocates for collaboration between health care professionals, researchers, learners, volunteers, patients and their families

Clinicians who work at Unity Health Toronto are passionate and committed to promoting excellence in patient care, research and education. Unity Health Toronto consists of St Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital and Providence Healthcare. All sites have a rich tradition of values-based care that strives to provide the highest standard of compassionate, holistic and evidence-based nursing care to ensure the delivery of safe, quality care for all.

The landscape of health care is constantly and rapidly changing, and interprofessional teams inclusive of nursing and health disciplines at Unity Health Toronto continue to lead and excel in the delivery of cutting-edge, collaborative evidence-based care.  We are committed to ensuring resources and opportunities for the interprofessional team members to be leaders in their profession. The important role that nurses and health disciplines professionals play in advancing the hospital’s quality agenda is evident through involvement in quality improvement initiatives both at the unit level as well as corporately.  We strive for excellence in interprofessional practice based research and innovation. We encourage our clinicians to ask questions, think critically about patient care and examine existing practices. We create opportunities for clinicians to formulate questions at the point of care, to find answers through scholarly inquiry, and to translate this knowledge into practice at the point of care. This allows us to achieve our goal of advancing excellence in quality patient care and the establishment of healthy work environments.

As knowledgeable professionals, nurses and health disciplines have embraced advancing the redesign of clinical processes and are open to emerging transformative possibilities in healthcare through the use of technology.

If you are a nurse or health discipline professional at Unity Health Toronto, thank you for your dedication and contribution to excellence in evidence based practice, education and research. You are a valued member of the hospital community.

If you are seeking employment as a nurse or health discipline clinician, learn more about Unity Health Toronto and the many potential opportunities for growth and learning in your chosen profession. If you commit to Unity Health Toronto we will invest in you and your career.

Last updated May 25, 2021