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1) Dr. Ripudaman Singh Minhas and Dr. Sloane Freeman write op-ed on support for children as they return to school

When schools reopen in September, they will need increased resources to support children’s mental and physical health, and their learning and academic progress. Dr. Ripudaman Singh Minhas and Dr. Sloane Freeman share how the pandemic affected school-aged children in different ways and how schools need to adapt in their Globe and Mail op-ed.

2) Andy Harris-Cartwright shares why he got the COVID-19 vaccine

“You’re not going to go skydiving without a parachute. And not having the vaccine at this stage is similar to that. You’re taking unnecessary risks for yourselves and others,” says Andy Harris-Cartwright, a Patient and Family Partner at St. Joseph’s. Read why he got his COVID-19 vaccine.

3) Unity Health staff and physicians cheer on the Toronto Argonauts

On Saturday, 50 Unity Health staff and physicians and their plus-ones headed to BMO Field to attend a Toronto Argonauts game. Thank you to MLSE for inviting fully vaccinated healthcare workers to attend the game and for this incredible gesture.

4) We highlight our staff and physicians through our Behind the Mask series

Early in the pandemic, Unity Health set out to recognize the dedication and resilience of our staff and physicians, while acknowledging the challenges they faced at home and in their roles as health care workers. Behind the Mask reveals the stories of our people, told in their own voice. Read their stories #BehindtheMask.

5) How can we tackle homelessness in Ontario? Dr. Stephen Hwang weighs in

What can Ontario do now to address systemic issues that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp relief? Dr. Stephen Hwang discusses hidden homelessness, encampments and making sure people get the supports they need as part of TVO.org’s five-part series. Read more.

6) Dr. Joan Cheng speaks about her experience on the frontlines during the pandemic

Dr. Joan Cheng, the Greater Toronto Area’s first Asian, female Emergency Department Chief, shares how she and her staff managed throughout the pandemic, her response to anti-Asian racism and her key takeaways that help prepare her for whatever comes next. Read more in Best Health Magazine.

7) Dr. Tali Bogler and Dr. Anna Banerji discuss whether schools should be used as polling stations

As the fourth wave of COVID-19 brews across Canada, some provinces are rethinking the usual practice of allowing polling stations to be set up in schools on Election Day. Dr. Tali Bogler and Dr. Anna Banerji speak with Global News about polls in schools and safety precautions that could be put into place. Read more.

8) How can we increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in Ontario? Dr. Fahad Razak shares his thoughts

More than two million people in Ontario have no received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Fahad Razak discusses reasons why people have not received a vaccine yet and how we can increase vaccination rates with Ontario Morning from CBC Radio. Listen to the segment.  

9) Dr. Tara Gomes reflects on the opioid crisis and what is needed to save lives and reduce harm

Amid a rise in opioid-related overdoses and deaths, Dr. Tara Gomes says we need urgent action from all levels of government to stem a rising tide of opioid-related deaths and other harm. She spoke to the Gananoque Reporter on what needs to be done.

10) Dr. Naomi Thulien and Dr. Stephen Hwang publish study on improving socioeconomic outcomes for young people transitioning out of homelessness

A study led by Dr. Naomi Thulien and Dr. Stephen Hwang found that targeting capital may be a promising approach to assist young people transitioning out of homelessness. Learn more about their findings.

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