FOR PATIENTS AND VISITORS: You must self-screen and wear a mask to enter our buildings. Learn more about our current guidelines for visitors.

Stay Safe While Visiting

If you are an essential care partner (ECP), you must read the how to keep yourself safe when visiting Unity Health Toronto document and review the infection prevention and control information on this page before arriving. You must also follow all the public health and safety measures while at the hospital.

If you do not follow any of these steps, you will not be allowed to enter or may be asked to leave.

An essential care partner (ECP) is a member of a patient’s family, community or a friend who is essential to their safety and well-being. They know the patient’s health history, lifestyle and personal values. 

An ECP is different from a social visitor and may be allowed to visit even when full hospital restrictions are in place.

What is infection prevention and control (IPAC)?

Infection prevention and control or IPAC (pronounced: EYE-pack) is a series of measures that help prevent the spread of germs and infections. It includes things like:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Physical distancing
    Screening people for illnesses
  • Cleaning
  • Wearing masks and other protective equipment
  • Isolating/quarantining
  • Limiting close contact with others

If you are an ECP, you must review these IPAC measures before visiting the hospital:

  1. Hand hygiene
  2. Proper mask wearing
  3. Other personal protective equipment (PPE)

Hand hygiene involves washing your hands and following other safety measures that help prevent the spread of germs and infections like COVID-19. To wash your hands properly, you need to clean all parts of your hands and wrists in a certain way. You should also avoid wearing jewelry or fake nails which are hard to clean and can trap bacteria.

To learn how to wash your hand properly, see these resources:

Gloves are not a replacement for good hand hygiene. Even when you wear gloves, you still need to wash your hands.

When should I practice hand hygiene?

You need to practice good hand hygiene:

  • When you come in or leave the hospital
  • When you come in or leave any patient room/bed space
  • Before and after you touch or care for any patient
  • Before and after you care for yourself (for example, when you use the toilet or blow your nose)
  • Before and after using gloves
  • Before and after eating/drinking

Masking is mandatory. This measure will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

It is important that you wear your mask properly when you are at the hospital. Before coming to the hospital, please review this poster and look at the image below. The image with the green checkmark is the only correct way to wear your mask.

Thank you for your cooperation.


As an ECP, you may asked to wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when visiting. This will include things like a gown, face shield and gloves. We will give these to you and show you how to wear them. These steps are important to make sure that everyone is using their PPE properly and stays safe.

Do not put on other PPE without guidance from our staff and do not bring in your own from home.

If you would like to learn more about PPE to help reinforce what our staff will teach you, review these resources:


Last updated April 18, 2023