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Ella Ferris

This year, patients are encouraged to participate and nominate a St. Michael’s staff member for The Ella Ferris Culture of Leading Award. This award is presented to an individual at St. Michael’s who makes a positive impact on the organization and those around them. This person consistently models their role to its fullest potential.

The award honours the significant contributions of Ella Ferris, former Executive Vice-President, Clinical Programs, Chief Nursing Executive and Chief Health Disciplines Executive at St. Michael’s, who retired in 2016 after 43+ years of dedicated service.

Submissions for The Ella Ferris Culture of Leading Award open on June 14. The deadline to submit a nomination is July 30, 2021. To submit a nomination, please Download the nomination form, complete it and email it to

Please note: You can only nominate a staff member from St. Michael’s for this award.

Last updated June 10, 2021