From the latest on monkeypox in Canada to supporting those isolating with paid sick days, Unity Health experts offered insights this week into our rapidly changing world. Here are our top media hits from June 18-24.

Catching monkeypox can mean extreme pain, hospital trips — and weeks of isolation

CBC News on June 23, 2022

Interview with Dr. Darrell Tan

Dr. Darrell Tan, infectious diseases physician at St. Michael’s, speaks with CBC News about the need to provide greater supports to those isolating with monkeypox.

Doctors, nurses and other health-care workers demand Ontario provide workers with 10 paid sick days

Toronto Star on June 24, 2022

Interviews with Dr. Shazeen Suleman and Dr. Naheed Dosani

Only 42 per cent of workers in Canada have access to paid sick leave, according to a report from the Decent Work and Health Network. Dr. Shazeen Suleman and Dr. Naheed Dosani speak with the Toronto Star about calls for 10 paid sick days for all workers, public or private.

Tears. Doubts. Death threats. And a job well done. COVID-19 warrior Peter Jüni bids Ontario adieu

Toronto Star on June 19, 2022

Interview with Dr. Peter Jüni

Dr. Peter Jüni, former director of the COVID-19 Science Table, reflects on his time in Ontario throughout the pandemic, his difficult childhood and why he’s vowed to be honest with everyone in his life.

No, Yeast Infections Don’t Just Happen In Vaginas

Chatelaine on June 24, 2022

Interview with Dr. Tali Bogler

When people self-diagnose a yeast infection, it’s typically a different type of infection, says Dr. Tali Bogler, family physician at St. Michael’s. She speaks with Chatelaine about common misunderstandings about yeast infections.