Sports Cardiology Clinic

Goals of the Sports Cardiology Clinic

  • We aim to provide a clinical service for athletes, both recreational and competitive, and highly active individuals, who have suspected or established heart disease, or where there is concern about the cardiac safety of vigorous or endurance sports
  • The service will provide a high-level, multidisciplinary care, including testing and assessment, diagnosis, risk evaluation, and if appropriate, exercise prescription

Who should be referred?

Examples of situations where a Sports Cardiologist may be helpful:

  • Competitive athletes with suspected or diagnosed heart disease
  • Recreational or competitive athletes who have been screened and have abnormal tests or a suspicion of cardiac risk with exercise
  • Patients with identified heart disease wishing to “return to play” and seeking a safe exercise
  • Ongoing management of cardiac disease in recreational or competitive athletes wishing to continue training and competition
  • Athlete family members of individuals identified with heritable heart disease, for risk assessment

How do I refer a patient?

  • Please complete the Sports Cardiology referral form along with clinical notes, ECG’s, and relevant test results and Fax to 416-864-6065 or email to
  • Please ensure that referring physician information is complete
  • Once the form is received, the patient will be contacted with an appointment

How long does it take before patients are seen in clinic?

  • We strive to see all new consults within four weeks, however we will prioritize consults based upon clinical factors which may lead to longer wait times
  • If there is an emergency, the referring physician should contact the clinic directly

Who sees patients in clinic?

  • Three expert Sports Cardiologists are staffing the clinic, including Dr. Paul Angaran, Dr. Kim Connelly, and Dr. Paul Dorian, as well as Clinical Fellows who are training to become specialists in this area
  • Support services include advanced echocardiography, stress testing, cardiac imaging including MRI, advanced ambulatory monitoring , and access to electrophysiologic studies and cardiac catheterization


St. Michael’s Hospital

30 Bond St.,
Toronto, ON
M5B 1W8
The main entrance is located near Queen St. East and Victoria St. The Bond St. entrance is not open to the public at this time.

Sports Cardiology Toronto

Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research

University of Toronto

  1. David Naylor Building

6 Queens Park Crescent West, Room # 202

Toronto, ON M5S 3H2


Phone: 416-864-6043

Fax: 416-864-6065