Home with a new hip in 12 hours

June 2018

Sportscaster Vic Rauter is famous for announcing major sports wins, but earlier this year he participated in a novel hip replacement surgery that has become a win for patients and staff alike at St. Michael’s Hospital.

With a deteriorating hip, Rauter was introduced to Dr. Amir Khoshbin, an orthopedic surgeon at St. Michael’s who was touting a new, same-day discharge option for hip replacements.

St. Michael’s had become the first hospital in Toronto to offer same-day discharge for hip replacement surgery in January 2018. Rauter was intrigued.

“I had heard about this rapid discharge option in the United States,” he said. “But now that it was an option at my hospital, where I was born and had my first joint replacement, I knew I had to sign up.”

Since November 2017, Dr. Khoshbin had been laying the groundwork to give suitable patients the option of a same-day discharge for hip replacements.

“It’s a culture change.” Dr. Khoshbin said. “It takes the right team, the right hospital and the right patient to make this surgery successful.”

Every department that would care for the same-day patients worked closely with orthopedics to plan the safest possible experience.

The team determined how to screen for patients eligible for same-day hip surgery.

St. Michael’s has completed about 15 same-day discharge hip replacement procedures. Each procedure saves the hospital about 20 per cent of the costs associated with a longer recovery in-hospital. More importantly, it offers patients rapid and safe healing.

“To say it was miracle-like is not an overstatement,” Rauter said. Within three weeks, he was gardening without any arthritic pain. “I’m very grateful to the entire team.”

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