Bringing our Mission and Values to life

Our people tell you why these are foundational to our organization

Providence, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s were founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph with a mission of caring for all in need, with a particular focus on the poor, vulnerable and forgotten in society. Across three centuries, we’ve continued to honour this tradition of compassionate quality care.

Last June, we set out to develop a new mission statement and set of values for Unity Health Toronto. We asked you to help us find the right words to reflect how:

  • We provide care that begins with respect for the dignity of every person – a priority in Catholic health care.
  • We care for people who experience disadvantage – a shared purpose that unites us.

In the coming months, the Mission Integration team will be sharing more about how our Mission and Values will shape our future.

Our mission

Unity Health Toronto is a Catholic health care organization providing compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care to all in need.

We advance excellence in health care through world-class education, research and innovation.

Mission statement

“I am inspired by the new mission statement because our treasured legacy of providing patient-centred care remains a top priority. It reaffirms our commitment to advance excellence in patient care by promoting best practices and quality initiatives by our teams.” – Joanne Bennett, clinical leader manager, St. Michael’s


“As a nurse, my compassionate care to patients starts with knowing each one as an individual. Every person is different and requires individualized care. I do my very best to make sure that my patients know they can trust me.” – Zeny Marquez (right), registered nurse, Providence


“Our community is huge! We work together with our own diverse team of over 40 people, along with clinical partners, with a shared goal to provide the safest care for our patients. We trust each other and know that our own family members would be safe if they need one of our reprocessed items.”
Medical Device Reprocessing Department, St. Joseph’s


“In the Houses of Providence, people are valued because of their differences, ensuring everyone can participate and thrive. Appreciating human differences creates an inclusive atmosphere that promotes a sense of belonging where everyone is respected for their uniqueness.” – Pat Colucci, administrator, Providence


“We live this value by making thoughtful changes to the food we serve our patients. We keep current with changes like the newly updated Canada’s Food Guide. We take feedback from patients and work together to make plans for improving our menu.” – Brenda Grogan (right), patient food services, St. Joseph’s

Human dignity

“I remind myself that I am a fellow sojourner who walks with people on the road of life. I honour their stories so they can celebrate their innate strength, resilience, and capacity to be who they are and what they intend to be.” – Joel Aguirre, spiritual care practitioner, St. Michael’s