From the impact of a safer opioid supply program to a new program that pairs unhoused patients with outreach workers, Unity Health Toronto experts offered insights this week into our rapidly changing world. Here are our top media hits for the week of Sept. 17-23.

As safe-supply study appears to show benefits for drug users, critics raise warning flag
The Globe and Mail on September 19, 2022
Feature of research led by Dr. Tara Gomes and Dr. Gillian Kolla

For people at high-risk of overdose enrolled in a safer opioid supply program, there was a rapid decrease in emergency department visits & hospitalizations soon after initiation, finds new research by Dr. Tara Gomes and Dr. Gillian Kolla.

Also featured in The Canadian Press and The London Free Press

St. Michael’s research project aims to improve care access for unhoused people
The Globe and Mail on September 19, 2022
Feature of research project led by Dr. Stephen Hwang, interviews with Fred Ellerington and Alyssa Ranieri

An innovative research project led by Dr. Stephen Hwang, director of MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, aims to help people who are homeless have a better recovery after hospitalization. Dr. Hwang and outreach counsellors Alyssa Ranieri and Fred Ellerington speak with The Globe and Mail about the project.

New approaches to health care delivery
The Globe and Mail on September 17, 2022
Panel featuring Dr. Muhammad Mamdani

Dr. Muhammad Mamdani, vice president of data science and advanced analytics, joins a panel hosted by The Globe and Mail to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) can improve predictive medicine in hospitals.

Can I give my sick kids expired Tylenol? Doctors say try this first on Sept. 22, 2022
Interviews with Dr. Doug Campbell and Dr. Justine Cohen-Silver

Amid a shortage of children’s Tylenol, Dr. Justine Cohen-Silver, staff pediatrician at the Women and Children’s Health Program, and Dr. Doug Campbell, deputy chief of pediatrics at St. Michael’s Hospital, tell CTV News what other options are available to parents, and why parents shouldn’t give their kids expired medication.