From decriminalizing possession of ‘hard’ drugs to dropping mask mandates, Unity Health experts offered insights this week into our rapidly changing world. Here are our top media hits from June 11-17.

Canada Moves to Decriminalize Possession of ‘Hard’ Drugs
Wired on June 13, 2022
Interview with Dr. Dan Werb

Decriminalizing drugs is long overdue, says Dr. Dan Werb, director of Centre for Drug Policy Evaluation, but won’t change what’s really behind the opioid crisis: the potency of the unregulated drug supply.

Lifting more mask mandates: What’s the impact?
CBC Ontario Today on June 13, 2022
Interview with Dr. Fahad Razak

Dr. Fahad Razak, director of Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Advisory Table & internist at St. Michael’s Hospital, explains to CBC Ontario Today why it’s necessary to continue masking in hospitals at this point.

Ontario family doctors in a ‘tricky situation’ when it comes to mask mandates
Toronto Star on June 12, 2022
Interview with Dr. Tara Kiran

Dr. Tara Kiran, family physician at St. Michael’s Hospital, says the end of the province’s mask mandate puts family doctors in a “tricky situation,” and said a majority will understand but a “growing number,” will protest.

Here’s what the experts say about Ottawa lifting COVID-19 vaccine mandates for travel
Toronto Star on June 14, 2022
Interview with Dr. Fahad Razak

The federal government is dropping the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for travel on June 20. Dr. Fahad Razak, head of Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Table, explains to the Toronto Star why it makes sense to drop the mandate for now.

Ontario’s COVID-19 wastewater signal is going up again. Here’s what that means
Toronto Star on June 16, 2022
Interview with Dr. Fahad Razak

The COVID-19 wastewater signal is rising again. Dr. Fahad Razak, director of Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Table, tells the Toronto Star why it’s not a cause for concern yet, but will have to be monitored in the coming weeks.

New research suggests center-based childcare may bring health benefits
Medical Xpress on June 15, 2022
Feature of early findings from Michaela Kucab and Dr. Jonathon Maguire

Kids who attended centre-based childcare had a lower BMI & were less likely to be overweight or obese in later childhood than kids who had home-based childcare, suggests early findings from St. Michael’s-based research.