Jasdeep Grewal sits on the arm of a chair while speaking with someone outside the frame of the picture.

Jasdeep Grewal

Jasdeep Grewal is the Faculty & Continuing Education/Professional Development Affairs Coordinator at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, and helps the Education team develop continuing education programs for physicians and clinical staff. In January, he volunteered for redeployment and is now working with the Patient Experience Department to set up free Zoom eVisits for patients. He shares some of his impressions of redeployment here.

Why did you volunteer for redeployment?

I started my career at St. Joe’s around 2013 as a Unit Clerk in Family Medicine. My time here has been meaningful for me personally and professionally – I work with amazing people, have developed life-long friendships, and feel connected to the missions and values of Unity Health. St. Joe’s has been good to me and felt that I needed to help during its time of need. Patient care is a collaborative effort.

Talk about your current role.

The eVisit Team schedules and co-ordinates virtual visits between patients and their loved ones – an important part of the healing journey. This role requires me to visit hospital floors to set up virtual calls in each patient’s room. It was the first time since the pandemic that I had actually visited a hospital floor. You can hear and read about what’s happening in the hospital, but to see it first-hand is a different story! My respect, appreciation, and gratitude for our Physicians, Clinical and Administrative Staff was high, but it’s now off the chart. I have been supported by my team – special shout-out to Safia Dore! Safia has been instrumental in the eVisit Service and I value her contributions and dedication to the role. 

What skills do you bring to your new position?

From delivering newspapers as a kid up to my current job, I feel that I have always excelled at providing service, working with people to achieve a shared goal. I also like to develop a rapport with people. I find that important, especially with patients and their loved ones, who are at a vulnerable stage during the care journey. I try to make people feel at ease to the best of my ability.

-As told to Laura Boast. This interview has been edited and condensed

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