From sub-variants of Omicron to a ‘housing first’ approach to ending homelessness, Unity Health Toronto experts offered insights this week into our rapidly changing world. Here are our top media hits for the week of January 22-28.

Help needed for those experiencing homelessness
CP24 on January 25, 2022
Interview with Dr. Stephen Hwang

Amid a bitter cold spell, Dr. Stephen Hwang, director of MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, speaks with CP24 about the lack of shelter beds in the city and a ‘housing first’ approach to end homelessness.

‘No reason for any wide-spread concern yet’ over Omicron sub-variant, says epidemiologist
CBC Power and Politics on January 24, 2022
Interview with Dr. Prabhat Jha

Dr. Prabhat Jha, St. Michael’s Hospital epidemiologist, speaks about the new Omicron sub-variant and says there’s no reason for widespread concern yet, but the only way to shut down the pandemic is to vaccinate the world.

Fully vaccinated should mean 3 doses, says head of Ontario’s COVID-19 science table
CBC News on January 22, 2022
Interview with Dr. Prabhat Jha

Dr. Prabhat Jha, epidemiologist at St. Michael’s Hospital, weighs in on whether we will need annual COVID-19 vaccine booster shots in the future.

Why drug checking services are essential in the opioid crisis
Global News Radio on January 21, 2022
Interview with Hayley Thompson

Hayley Thompson, project manager of Toronto’s Drug Checking Service at the Centre for Drug Policy Evaluation, explains how the free service works by analyzing unregulated drug samples and why it’s important in the absence of a regulated drug supply.

Why being hospitalized ‘for’ COVID and ‘with’ COVID are different – and why it matters
CBC New Brunswick on January 25, 2022
Interview with Dr. Amol Verma

Dr. Amol Verma, physician & scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital, explains how the distinction between being hospitalized ‘for’ COVID vs. ‘with’ COVID becomes less relevant when health-care resources are strained.

It’s been two years since COVID-19 was first reported in Canada
Zoomer Radio on January 25, 2022
Interview with Dr. Prabhat Jha

It’s been two years since the first COVID patient was identified in Canada. Dr. Prabhat Jha, epidemiologist at St. Michael’s Hospital, joins Zoomer Radio to discuss Canada’s response and the lessons learned.

Ontario’s crackdown on COVID-19 vaccine medical exemptions seems to be working
CBC News on January 26, 2022
Interview with Dr. Fahad Razak

Less than 1 in 50,000 Ontario adults has a valid medical exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Fahad Razak explains to CBC News how the relatively low number is a sign the verification system is working.