Each week, journalists turn to Unity Health Toronto’s experts and programs to help make sense of our world. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the headlines for the week of September 3-10.

Young adult cannabis consumers nearly twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack, research shows

CNN on September 7, 2021

Feature of research led by Drs David Mazer, Karim Ladha and Nikil Mistry

A study by Drs David Mazer, Karim Ladha and Nikil Mistry shows cannabis use may significantly increase the risk of heart attacks in adults under the age of 45. In this interview with CNN, they discuss the short-term and long-term harms of cannabis consumption.

Also featured in NewsweekandThe Canadian Press

Schools brace for surge in demand for mental health services as in-person classes resume

Toronto Star on September 8, 2021

Interview with Dr. Sloane Freeman

As kids return to school, Dr. Sloane Freeman, the lead of the Model Schools Pediatrics Health Initiative, anticipates more children will display symptoms of anxiety, depressed moods and problems with emotional outbursts. In this interview with the Toronto Star, she explains why therapists and pediatricians are bracing for “a storm of referrals”.

More students expected to face mental health challenges amid return to school in Ontario

Global News on September 9, 2021

Interview with Dr. Justine Cohen-Silver

School-based clinicians are bracing for an uptake in student mental health referrals. Dr. Justine Cohen-Silver, a School-Based Clinic lead physician at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, speaks with Global News about the challenges families have experienced over the past year and the support they’ll require going into the school year.

Patients frustrated, concerned as some Ontario doctors slow to return to in-person appointments

CBC News on September 6, 2021

Interview with Dr. Tara Kiran

While many patients still prefer to see their doctor virtually, Dr. Tara Kiran tells CBC News those who experience language barriers, are consistently in poor health or want to talk about mental health conditions are eager to meet face-to-face.

Can Ontario’s new vaccine certificate plan sway the last unvaccinated people?

Toronto Star on September 7, 2021

Interview with Dr. Prabhat Jha

Starting Sept. 22, Ontario will implement a vaccine certificate program, requiring proof of the shot to get into non-essential places like bars, gyms, restaurants, theatres and sporting events. Vaccine mandates change the norms, similar to how seatbelt laws did in the ’70s, Dr. Prabhat tells the Toronto Star.

For some parents of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the pandemic has been challenging

Healthy Debate on September 9, 2021

Interview with Dr. Ripudaman Minhas and Dr. Elizabeth Young

In an interview with Healthy Debate, developmental pediatricians Dr. Ripudaman Minhas and Dr. Elizabeth Young explain the impact of the pandemic on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their parents.