What’s in a name . . . where are we with our naming process?

April 25, 2018

We had hoped to have our network name approved prior to the coming provincial election . . . and we were very close. After collecting lots of great input from an online survey sent internally and to residents around our three sites, and from dozens of in-person interviews, we have made a few key decisions. Firstly, the three current site names are important – they have strong equity and should continue to be used. That means any network logo or brand mark will feature them prominently. We have also decided the network name is going to be three words; the second word will be “Health” and the last word will be “Toronto.”

That leaves the first word of our new network name, which we have determined will take a little more time to land on just the right word. We came down to a short list of three options that we believed underscored the strength of our integration and respected the legacy of all three sites. When we tested those names however, we received feedback that they didn’t optimally support our objectives for our network name.

Because your thoughts and opinions matter greatly, we’ve decided to pause on this process and regroup. Our goal is to come up with a name that will inspire everyone across the network and remind our patients, residents, clients, families and community members of our long tradition of excellent and inclusive care. If that means our naming process takes a bit longer than we hoped, so be it. Better to take some time in getting it right than rushing a name that doesn’t meet our objectives. So, stay tuned a little longer. We’ll be sure to let you know about our new network name as soon as possible.