Can I bring food or personal belongings to a loved one staying in the hospital?

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are discouraging the practice of having personal items and food brought into the hospital for our patients. We do recognize that there are some essential items that may support and comfort our patients. With this in mind we will only accept i) essential “bedside basics” for patients and ii) food that is nonperishable and is approved as part of a patient’s care plan or if specific cultural practice requires outside food and drink. See list of permitted items below


If a patient requires an essential item to support them in hospital, these should be brought in by the designated Essential Care Partner (ECP) during their pre-approved/scheduled visits.

Alternately, the following processes apply:

St. Michael’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Centre Process

Bedside Basics can be dropped off with screeners at designated entrances.  Screeners will not accept approved food or cash. Please speak to the health care team about approved food or cash.

Designated entrances and hours:

St. Joseph’s Health Centre St. Michael’s Hospital
Our Lady of Mercy

10am to 7pm – 7 days a week

Queen Street

10am to 7pm – 7 days a week


10am to 7pm – 7 days a week

Providence Healthcare Process

Families must book an appointment for dropping off essential items by calling 416-285-3666 x 5902 or emailing:

Designated entrances and hours:

Providence Health Care
Main entrance

10am to 6 pm – 7 days a week

Permitted items:

  1. Essential Bedside Basics for Patients
  • Personal aides (walkers, canes, glasses, hearing aids, prosthetics etc.)
  • Communication aides (phone, charger, iPads, e-readers etc.)
  • Toiletries (new toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, feminine hygiene products etc.) Clothing as absolutely necessary (for a maximum of 3 days)
  1. Food – only food that has been approved by the care team as part of the patient’s care plan (i.e., specialized food/culturally specific food that supports the recovery of the patient and is not provided by the hospital) is permitted.

Note: Deliveries from external vendors (i.e. fast food, flowers, gift baskets) will not be accepted for any patient.

We discourage patients from bringing in cash or other valuables. In special circumstances where cash is required by the patient, this should be delivered directly to the patient by the ECP during a scheduled visit or arrangements will need to be made with the care team.