Can I accompany a patient who is coming in for day surgery or a clinic appointment?

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Based on the rate of community transmission of COVID-19, we have reduced the presence of Essential Care Partners at our three sites of Unity Health Toronto to help keep our patients, staff and community safe.

Patients coming to hospital for an outpatient appointment, lab test, medical imaging or day surgery are not allowed to have an Essential Care Partner with them.


A patient coming in for a clinic appointment or day surgery may have one Essential Care Partner accompany them only if the patient:

  • Has significant mobility issues requiring physical support getting to the appointment or for personal care
  • Has cognitive issues (e.g. dementia) that limit their ability to participate in their appointment
  • Has an inability to communicate verbally (e.g. patient uses non-verbal methods of communication)
  • Will receive a life-altering diagnosis at the appointment and/or important care decisions will be made during the appointment

Essential Care Partners for outpatient clinics and day surgery must be approved by the patient’s care team or physician’s office before attending an appointment/procedure.

To request and schedule a visit as an Essential Care Partner, in advance of your appointment, procedure or test, please call the main hospital line for the site where your appointment is and request to be transferred to the clinic.

Everyone who enters our hospital is screened at the door. Visitors who are not approved to visit will be asked to leave by our screening team.