Strategic planning – building our network’s future together

Building our Strategic Plan

For more than a century, our network’s three sites have been compassionate organizations that continually strive to provide the best quality of care for our patients, residents and families. Our organizations have come together as one, so we can build on what makes us unique and special – our shared history and legacy founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto to care for the for the most marginalized or disadvantaged in our community.

We are building on these strong roots, and creating a shared Mission and Values for our network that will be foundational to our journey together and continue to guide us as we push beyond the art of the possible and plan for our future.

What will distinguish our network and the care we provide is our ability to adapt to changes in the environment, in the communities we serve and in the expectations our patients and residents set for us.

What will elevate the experience we provide for the people who come to us for care is our commitment to capture their unique knowledge by having them at the table and in conversations, giving them an equal voice in creating the programs and services that support their care.

We have an opportunity to create and shape a future with services and strategic partnerships that will provide the highest quality of care and exceptional service to the diverse patient and resident populations our network serves across Toronto. The timing is right.

Our strategic plan will be our road map to how we will work as one team – across our network and with our patients, residents and families – and with our partners across the communities we serve to dream, design, plan and achieve our network’s new vision.

Together, we are thinking big. Together, we are designing a health network of the future that crosses all spectrums of care from primary through tertiary/quaternary to post-acute, through rehabilitation, palliative care and long-term care.

What you can expect

Strategic planning will help us understand the changing environment, describe a vision of what health care will look like in the future and develop a plan to get us there together.

There are three main phases of work already underway that will provide all of our stakeholders with the opportunity to provide input into the design of our strategic plan. Here is what this journey looks like:

View a text version of the strategic planning timeline

This will evolve as our work together progresses, so please check back here often for updates and news. Thank you for coming along this journey with us.

A few inspiring examples of the power our network has when we work together:

Trevor’s story

Trevor Kampen is the first patient to take part in the new St. Michael’s-Providence clinical collaboration that could eventually help double the number of pressure wound surgeries performed at St. Michael’s each year. Providence staff have enhanced knowledge to provide rehabilitation for patients who undergo the surgery. Learn more about this St. Michael’s-Providence initiative.

LaboratoryEnhancing our laboratory services

Patients will likely never see the inside of a hospital lab, but it’s a department that’s critical to the care they receive – 75 per cent of medical decisions that physicians and care teams make are based on lab results. And in some cases, those results are needed quickly to make life-saving decisions. Read about how St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s are enhancing this service by working together.