September 2016 announcement

September 2016


Today’s health care landscape is changing – people are living longer and developing complex and chronic illnesses that have them relying on health care services more than ever before.

At the same time, new funding models demand organizations to continually find new ways to be efficient while improving quality and patient safety. This means hospitals in Toronto and across Ontario need to be responsive to ensure sustainability for the people they serve.

As Catholic health care providers, we want to be part of that solution – locally in efforts that are already underway, and together with our partners in the Catholic health-care system.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital share a vision to advance the health of our urban communities. In the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph, both organizations are committed to providing compassionate care and being a voice for those who can’t speak – including the marginalized, the homeless and the frail elderly. We also have a strong history of partnerships that have improved value for our patients.

The Boards of St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital have agreed to explore building on our current partnerships and to examine additional opportunities to create a health network that provides value for our patients by improving hospital operations, delivering the best in quality health care and responding to the changing needs of our urban communities.

Guided by a Joint Board Steering committee, the partnership discussions align with the Government of Ontario’s Patients First strategy to increase access for patients and to protect the health-care system, and ultimately would position both of our organizations with a strong platform for innovation and growth.

Over the next few months, our organizations will examine the benefits and risks of a creating a new health network and how management and governance structures could support this and report back to the organization by the end of the year.

Mr. Michael McTeague
St. Joseph’s Health Centre Board of Directors

Ms. Elizabeth Buller
President & CEO
St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Mr. Tom O’Neill
St. Michael’s Hospital Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Howard
President & CEO
St. Michael’s Hospital