Message from the President and CEO re: executive leadership

Oct. 4, 2018

Over the past six months, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you and I’ve seen the compassionate care and service you provide to our patients, clients, residents and their families on a daily basis. I’m inspired by the excellence in how you deliver care, the collaboration of our interprofessional teams and the committed support provided whether you’re at the bedside or in a support services role. Thank you for all that you do.

I’ve also reflected in these months about the opportunities and challenges ahead. We need to continue to foster and grow that excellent care, and think strategically about the future for our network and our role in system transformation. These are the opportunities that inspired me to join this organization. To move forward most effectively, there will be some difficult decisions.

With the strategic needs of our new network in mind, I am announcing some changes to the executive team:

I will be recruiting for an Executive Vice President, Clinical Programs (St. Joseph’s), Chief Nursing and Health Professions Officer. This position will have network-wide responsibility for our professional practice teams and clinical programs at St. Joseph’s.

With the change in this leadership role, Mary MacLeod will be leaving the network at the end of this week. I want to sincerely thank Mary for her four-plus years of service at St. Joseph’s. Mary has been instrumental in her roles of Vice President Clinical and St. Joseph’s site lead as well as corporate CNE. She has provided important leadership in the advancement of St. Joseph’s site initiatives and in the corporate integration process. Mary has also advanced key initiatives in West End Care in close partnership with community and primary care providers. Her support of leadership development with the implementation of the BEST program at the St. Joseph’s site, as well as clinical operational planning and redevelopment initiatives, has advanced quality of care and patient experience. Please join me in thanking Mary for her many valuable contributions at St. Joseph’s and the network.

I want to acknowledge the program directors and medical directors for their understanding and leadership during this transition. Recognizing the importance of this executive leadership position, I will be launching a search for this new role immediately.

Sonya Canzian, Vice President Clinical Programs (St. Michael’s), will step in as interim Vice President Clinical Programs (St. Joseph’s) effective Oct. 6 along with maintaining her clinical program responsibilities at St. Michael’s. Over this interim period, Sonya will also be the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) for the network and will be responsible for nursing and health professions at both the acute sites.

Along with his current clinical programs at St. Michael’s, Dr. Tom Parker will also provide network-wide accountability for the laboratory medicine portfolio.

As Vice President Clinical Programs (Providence), Maggie Bruneau will lead all clinical programs at Providence including responsibility for the Houses of Providence. Interprofessional practice at Providence will report to Maggie until the new EVP, CNO is in place.

Medical affairs continues to need both network-wide coordination and strong site leadership. Drs. Eddy Lau and Ashley Verduyn will continue in their current interim roles and Tom Parker will remain St. Michael’s CMO and interim CMO at Providence.

New to our executive team, Dean Martin begins next week and has responsibility for financial and procurement services. Over the coming weeks his role will transition to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with added responsibilities for payroll, decision support and our planning and facilities teams. A new position of General Counsel will also be created, and I’ve asked Dean to take on the recruitment and ongoing management of that role in his portfolio, as well as the new role of business development.

As announced last week, I will be creating a new role of Vice President, People and Transformation. In addition to accountability for Human Resources, this executive will have an important focus on network and health system transformation. As the recruitment for this position will be taking place in the coming weeks, Mitch Birken has stepped in as interim Vice President, Human Resources. Legal Services will continue to report to Mitch during this period.

This organizational chart reflects a future state as some of these changes will take time to implement. Each of the executives with changes in their portfolios will be reaching out to their teams to discuss and plan for seamless transitions. I understand changes like this can be difficult and can create uncertainty. I want to assure you that our primary goal remains the same – providing excellent and compassionate care to our patients, residents, clients and their families. I also want to thank you again for your continued patience and support during these transitions and as we recruit for the new executive leaders.

Over the coming weeks, we will be seeking input across the network to develop our strategic plan. This plan will chart a new shared vision for the future of our network. Establishing our leadership team to guide us in this work is an important step in both our strategy development and execution of our goals.

Thank you once again,