Greening news

Dr. Ali AbbassSt. Joseph’s co-leads new national recycling pilot

Sept. 17, 2020
Dr. Ali Abbass, a St. Joseph’s anesthesiologist, recognized early on in his practice that operating rooms produce a lot of waste. In fact, just one knee surgery creates more waste than a family of four does in one week. Four years ago, Dr. Ali Abbass created the first PVC Recycling initiative in North America.

Screen capture of the Unity Health Energy Team participating in an online conference callNetwork’s new energy team dedicated to reducing energy consumption

Sept. 2, 2020
Hospitals have massive environmental footprints. It takes a lot of electricity for the 24/7 care required in acute care, emergency and long-term care residences. To tackle this impact, Katelyn Poyntz, manager of Project Engineering at Unity Health Toronto, created the Energy Team with the mission of finding ways to reduce energy consumption across the network’s three sites.

Network recognized as top performer in green hospital of the year awardsSt. Joseph’s cafeteria implements multiple changes to reduce waste

Dec. 10, 2019
First the plastic straws were eliminated. Then all Styrofoam and plastic materials such as utensils, take-out containers, soup bowls and lids, coffee cups and lids, stir sticks, and plates were replaced with compostable ones. Then, organic waste bins and a cooking-oil recycling project were also implemented.

Dean Martin stands beside a reycling binSeeing green: Unity Health Toronto launches a sustainability campaign

Nov. 26, 2019
Unity Health Toronto is launching a sustainability campaign in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, and to identify how we can continue to improve our conservation efforts.

Network recognized as top performer in green hospital of the year awardsNetwork recognized as top performer in green hospital of the year awards

July 27, 2018
St. Michael’s Hospital and Providence Healthcare have been recognized nationally for their commitment to being environmentally conscious and green organizations.

Know before you throwRecycling in the LKSKI: Know before you throw

April 20, 2018
You’ve enjoyed your morning Starbucks. Now it’s time to dispose of your cup. But do you discard your cup in the recycling bin or the waste bin?

Research study encourages hospitals to reduce number of paper documents createdResearch study encourages hospitals to reduce number of paper documents created

March 20, 2018

After collecting nearly 600 kilograms of papers from recycling bins at five Toronto hospitals, researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital found 2,687 documents containing personal health or other information that should instead have been shredded.

Ready, set, recycleReady, set, recycle

March 17, 2015
The blue box is coming to the bedside.
Environmental Services is launching a bedside recycling program this month in an effort to increase waste diversion by five per cent in 2015-16.

St. Michael’s helps kids get creative about recyclingSt. Michael’s helps kids get creative about recycling

June 5, 2013
As part of the renovation and expansion of the ED, the ambulance bay, triage and patient waiting area will be reconfigured to create better flow for clinical staff and first responders, and a better experience for patients and their loved ones.