Greening awards and recognition


St. Michael’s Hospital wins the 2018 Green Health Care Water Award

In recognition of its commitment to environmental stewardship in its health care practices, St. Michael’s Hospital received this year’s Water Award, which is one of the 2018 Green Health Care Awards being provided by the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care!

This award means that – out of 35 academic hospital locations – St. Michael’s main 30 Bond St. site used the least amount of water. This score is calculated based on a number of factors including the size of the building, the number of patient beds in it, and any water conservation policies, targets and action plans.

One of the many initiatives undertaken by the Engineering & Plant Services team to reduce water consumption was to reduce the cycles of the cooling tower, which serves the purpose of cooling the chiller, and is one of the largest water consumers outside of potable water.


Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care – Green Hospital of the Year

  • St. Michael’s Hospital was awarded the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care Green Hospital of the Year award for both 2016 and 2017, outranking 54 other organizations.
  • We were recognized for our excellence in waste, energy and water conservation.
  • St. Michael’s Hospital has initiated many environmentally friendly programs and policies, including a water management group and a comprehensive recycling program. We were able to recycle 100 per cent of batteries, 100 per cent of light bulbs, and 60 per cent of ink cartridges and scrap metal.


Toronto Bike Award – Bicycle Friendly Business Award

  • Awarded to St. Michael’s Hospital for making Toronto a better biking city


BMJ Corporate Social Responsibility Award

  • St. Michael’s Hospital was recognized for their efforts to save energy, recycle waste and reduce water consumption by the British Medical Journal.


Greening Health Care – 5 per cent club

  • This award is given to hospitals for reducing their total energy by at least 5 per cent.


Recycling Council of Ontario’s Waste Minimization award for communication

  • The council recognizes organizations annually for recycling and waste reduction. The award recognizes organizations that have successfully communicated its recycling or waste diversion message to residents, communities, employees, members and other stakeholders.


OHA Overall Leadership Award in greening

  • The hospital was recognized at the Ontario Health Assocation HealthAchieve 2008 with a green award for its leadership and commitment to greening health care. Each year, the OHA recognizes health care organizations that lead in reducing health care’s environmental impact.


Environmental Leadership – pilot water saving program

  • St. Michael’s Hospital was recognized by the Toronto WaterSaver program for reducing hospital water use by 200,000 litres per day.