Engagement survey

Your voice matters!

Our 2019 staff, physician and volunteer engagement survey is live! Check your inbox for an email with your survey link.

This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and help create more joy across Unity Health Toronto. We encourage all staff, physicians and volunteers to participate in this survey so that your voice is heard.

The survey is confidential with no individual responses or personal identifiers returned to our sites. It’s also fast and it should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

The survey runs May 27 to June 14.  Prizes will be drawn daily, Monday through Friday, while the survey is open. Participate early for more chances to win an “Experience Toronto” themed prize, including Toronto Zoo passes, Wonderland passes, movie passes, a team pizza lunch and much more!

Team response rates

Check back daily to see how your team is doing and to see which teams are in the top five.

Note: these response rates are updated daily and in order to uphold anonymity, response rates are only reported for teams with five or more staff.

Small teams (10 or fewer team members)


Wound Care Program


HOP Administration


Environmental Services – Admin


Short Stay Unit & Pre. Adm.


Quality, Strategic Inform & Perf Systems


The following small teams have reached a 100 per cent response rate:

  • Trauma Registry Office
  • Health Records
  • Fracture Clinic
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Infection Control
  • Choosing Wisely Canada
  • Improvement Program
  • Planning & Business Development
  • Occupational Health & Safety Services
  • Human Resources – Consulting
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Health Informatics
  • Medicine – Education In-Service
  • Operational Readiness 3.0
  • Orthopaedic Research
  • Interprofessional Practice
  • Student Centre
  • C-UHS Survey Research Unit
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • ECG
  • Research Contracts
  • Decision Support
  • Simulation Centre
  • Mental Health Supporting Transitions and Recovery
  • Operating Room – Inven
  • Strategic Communications
  • Accounts Receivable & Collections
  • Specialized Complex Care
  • Neurophysiology
  • Health Information and Knowledge Mobilization
  • HR – Reporting & Control
  • Laboratory – Haematology
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services – Lead
  • Hemodialysis – Off Site
  • Research Facilities
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • IT – Project Management Office
  • Diabetes Comprehensive Care
  • Patient, Family & Community Engagement & Int. Serv.
  • Corporate Quality & Performance

Click here for a full list of small Unity Health Toronto teams. You can search this list by pressing “Ctrl + F” and typing in your manager’s name.

Medium teams (11 to 30 team members)


Research Ethics


IT – Client Services


Out Patient Rehab


Medical Imaging Ultrasound




Click here for a full list of medium Unity Health Toronto teams. You can search this list by pressing “Ctrl + F” and typing in your manager’s name.

Large teams (more than 31 team members)


Gen. Surgery/ Gastroenterology


B4: Geriatric Rehab


Cardiac Intensive Care Unit




Acute Care


Click here for a full list of large Unity Health Toronto teams. You can search this list by pressing “Ctrl + F” and typing in your manager’s name.

Experience Toronto prizes

You can win passes to great experiences throughout Toronto:

Engagement survey prize details - also listed below

Text of prize calendar
  • Monday, May 27: Two Toronto Zoo passes
  • Tuesday, May 28: Two Ripley’s Aquarium passes
  • Wednesday, May 29: Two Art Gallery of Ontario passes
  • Thursday, May 30: Two Royal Ontario Museum passes
  • Friday, May 31: Team pizza lunch
  • Monday, June 3: Two movie passes
  • Tuesday, June 4: Two Ripley’s Aquarium passes
  • Wednesday, June 5: Two Canada’s Wonderland passes
  • Thursday, June 6: Two Toronto Symphony Orchestra passes
  • Friday, June 7: Team coffee break
  • Monday, June 10: Two Royal Ontario Museum passes
  • Tuesday, June 11: Two Canada’s Wonderland passes
  • Wednesday, June 12: Two Second City passes
  • Thursday, June 13: Two movie passes
  • Friday, June 14: Team ice cream break

Prize winners

May 27

Catherine Bedrio, clinical assistant, Emergency Staffing at St. Michael’s, won the day one prize of Toronto Zoo passes. She says, “I believe that we as staff play a very important role in the success of our hospital – to provide exceptional client-centered care and to put our patients needs first.  I take great pride working alongside extraordinary healthcare professionals, who promote a best-in-class working environment, where my work is valued, and I truly feel like I am making a difference.”

May 28

Jonathan Wu, research contracts specialist at St. Michael’s, won the day two prize of Ripley’s Aquarium passes. He says, “Everyone’s voice counts in this organization.”

Albert YauMay 29

Albert Yau, clinical resource coordinator, Adult Day Program at Providence, won the day three prize of Art Gallery of Ontario passes. He says, “It is important for me to share my voice because it gives management another opportunity to improve the quality of care for our clients.”

Zaid HadiMay 30

Zaid Hadi, a pharmacist at Providence, won the day four prize of Royal Ontario Museum passes. He says, “It’s important to share my voice because it will result in better care for our patients.”

Alisa WelshJune 3

Alisha Welsh-Knight, addiction service worker at St. Joseph’s, won the June 3 prize of two movie passes. She says, “It’s important for me to share my voice because it allows us to work together as a team to help better serve our clients/ patients.”

June 4

Image of Zack PaceZack Pace, a volunteer at St. Michael’s, won the June 4 prize of Ripley’s Aquarium passes. He says, “I see the importance of ensuring that patients have the best people treating them.”

Ajay KapurJune 5

Ajay Kapur, a physician at St. Joseph’s, won the June 5 prize of Canada’s Wonderland passes. He says, “It’s important to provide input to improve patient care and the well-being of the hospital community.”

Wendy LegacyJune 6

Wendy Legacy, a clinical nurse educator, Perioperative Services at St. Michael’s won the June 6 prize of Toronto Symphony Orchestra passes. She says, “Staff are the heart of an organization. Our voice shapes the future.”

June 7

The Clinical Engineering team reporting to Vincent Lam have won the team coffee break.

Clinical engineering team enjoying a coffee break

June 10

Dr. Vera Dounaevskaia, a physician at St. Michael’s, won the June 10 prize of Royal Ontario Museum passes.

Jyothi RathaurJune 11

Jyothi Rathaur, mental health clinician at St. Joseph’s has won the June 11 prize of Canada’s Wonderland passes. She says, “Change can only happen with input.”

Holland SantosJune 12

Holland Santos, dietitian assistant at St. Michael’s has won the June 12 prize of Second City passes. She says, “Doing this survey is very important because the employer will have a background of the employee’s inputs and insights. It is very good to be able to balance work and family as well as to know that we belong and are important to the organization.”

June 14

The General Surgery/Gastroenterology team reporting to Joanne Bennett have won the team ice cream break.

16CC General Surgery enjoying their ice cream break.




Action planning with engagement survey results

The results from the survey will be shared with you and your leaders and will help us develop network-wide action plans. You and your team will also have the opportunity to create action plans for your area based on the results.

Read about some of the actions that came out of past engagement surveys across Unity Health Toronto:

Redesigning the Seasons Café at Providence Healthcare

When we received feedback from our staff that they wanted access to the cafeteria during off-hours and a more welcoming environment to eat their meals, we listened. In 2016, the Women in Philanthropy for Providence (WIPP) made a generous donation that enabled Providence to make major upgrades to the Seasons Café to better serve staff, residents, patients and visitors.

The cafeteria was re-designed to improve both ambiance and functionality. Stylistic features were included in the redesign, such as exposed ceilings and updated furniture and lighting, as was the creation of a multi-purpose room for booking private events or to use as a quiet lounge. Through this revitalization project, staff, residents, patients and visitors gained easy access to Providence’s outdoor spaces from the Seasons Café, better accessibility for wheelchairs and a space they could use anytime they needed it.

This change has a made a huge difference for the entire Providence community, and now the entire Unity Health Toronto community, and it started with the voices of our staff.

Embracing diversity at St. Joseph’s

For the team in St. Joseph’s Spiritual Care department, engagement gave them an opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn together. As part of the action planning from their engagement survey results, the team decided to create opportunities for them to learn about other faiths.

“We serve such a diverse community and patient population, having more knowledge about other faiths allows me to provide more inclusive, patient-centred care,” said Diana Finch, a chaplain at St. Joseph’s. The team has been inviting different faith-based leaders to informal sessions to answer questions and share information about their religion. For Diana, who supports patients in our palliative cohort of beds, it’s been a rewarding experience because she is able to learn about the different religious practices of families whose loved one is dying, and how she can better support patients with different beliefs when they need her the most.

“It’s been a very rewarding experience to learn more about other faiths; we serve such a diverse community and our patient interventions need to reflect that. It’s something that is very important – when the Sisters of St. Joseph first began their healing ministry, they included care for everyone and embraced the diversity of their patients and community.  We want to continue to honour these, our founding roots,” said Father Jublas Nolasco.

TEAM HUGS at St. Michael’s

Your voice can have an impact at all levels of the organization. In fact, individual team action planning is a key way we can create a more joyful environment at the local level. For example, after the last engagement survey at St. Michael’s, staff in 16CCN selected ‘building respect and teamwork’ as their action planning area.

First, they created a survey to evaluate themselves as team players – including areas such as continuous self-improvement and helping their colleagues prioritize care. They found their self-assessment scores were quite high, but the team scored a bit lower when assessing their colleagues. So they developed an initiative to enable team members to work better with each other called “TEAM HUGS”– Together Everyone Achieves More, Here U Get Support/Here U Give Support.

The idea behind the initiative is that, while not everyone wants a physical hug, the same support and comfort can be shown through words and other actions. As Vanessa Fazzari, a registered nurse on 16CCN, puts it, “It’s nice when you’re having a rough day and you can go down the hall and ask for support from a colleague. When you get a HUG, all that stress is released – even if it’s just for that moment.”



Here is a Q-and-A with more information. For additional questions, contact Diana Crawford, senior consultant, Leadership and Organizational Development, at ext. 13-4574.