Engagement survey

Check out our 2019 staff, physician and volunteer engagement survey results

At Unity Health Toronto, our people are the key to providing the best care experiences. The effort, dedication and passion you bring to your role each day helps us give thousands of patients, clients, residents and family members compassionate care when they need it most. That is why it is so important that together we create an environment where you feel meaning, purpose and joy.

Earlier this year, we asked you – our staff, physicians and volunteers across the network – how you feel about your work and workplace in our first full engagement survey as a network. In this infographic you’ll see our engagement survey results. Results from both the staff and physician surveys show that our people rate support and collaboration from their colleagues as a top strength. Our volunteers also feel that a sense of belonging in the organization helps them to feel highly engaged. It’s our connections to one another that unite us and empower us to do and feel our best.

This survey also highlighted areas where we can improve, across the network and on individual teams. We will keep these in mind as we develop our corporate and team action plans. Together we will create positive changes to help us achieve our strategic priority of creating more joy across our network. This will enable us to better care for ourselves, better care for each other and better care for our communities and those in need.

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