Clinic and Unit Contact Information

Providence Healthcare

To request a visit with any clinic or unit at Providence, please contact the Central Booking Office at 416-285-3666 x 5902 or


St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Clinic/unitPhone number
Transitional Care416-530-6174
2 Our Lady of Mercy (Medicine Unit)416-530-6232
3 Morrow (Medicine Unit)416-530-6496
4 Morrow (Medicine Unit)416-530-6089
4 East (Medicine Unit)416-530-6585
4 Our Lady of Mercy (Medicine Unit)416-530-6494
6 Morrow (Medicine Unit)416-530-6696
2 Our Lady of Mercy (Surgery)416-530-6396
2 Morrow (Surgery)416-530-6394
2 East (Surgery)416-530-6293
Intensive Care Unit416-530-6085
Critical Care Unit416-530-6086
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit416-530-6067
7 Morrow (Mental Health)416-530-6175
Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit416-530-6000 ext 4690
Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit416-530-6764
Family Birthing Centre416-530-6052

St. Michael’s Hospital

Clinic/unitPhone number
Hematology Oncology416-360-4000
Palliative Care416-864-5226
Respirology416-360-4000 ext. 5647
Cardiology416-360-4000 ext. 5819
Cardiovascular/Vascular Surgery416-360-4000 ext. 5300
General Internal Medicine (8 Peter Gilgan)416-360-4000 ext. 45802

416-360-4000 ext. 5542,

416-360-4000 ext. 5234

Neurosurgery/Trauma416-360-4000 ext. 5814
General Internal Medicine/Stroke/Geriatrics

416-360-4000 ext. 5335,

416-360-4000 ext. 6736

Gynecology, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, ENT416-360-4000 ext. 5231
General Surgery/Gastroenterology416-360-4000 ext. 5233
Mental Health416-360-4000 ext. 3088
Medical/Surgical ICU

416-360-4000 ext. 5286,

416-360-4000 ext. 45754

Cardiac ICU416-360-4000 ext. 5809
Cardiovascular ICU416-360-4000 ext. 5483
Trauma Neurosurgery ICU416-360-4000 ext. 5816