Accreditation self-assessments

What are self-assessments?

The self-assessments are a structured process that help organizations assess their current performance against the standards. A self-assessment is an opportunity for reflection, which helps teams have a discussion about quality and safety, determine which areas require more detailed review and follow-up and inform action planning.

 Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

The self-assessment questionnaire gathers staff perspectives on a variety of topics such as organizational resources and capacity, patient safety and quality, among others. There is no preparation required— staff are simply asked to rate each criteria on a five-point scale based on agreement with the criteria (see example below).

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Good to know!

  • There is no preparation required
  • The SAQs can be done individually or as a group (e.g. Zoom etc.)
  • The SAQ usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the amount of discussion
  • Surveyors do not have access to the results

How do I complete the SAQ?

The questionnaire is completed online or as a group by logging into the organizational portal. Two hours is recommended for group sessions to allow time for discussion, but may be completed in less time. Please see the attached Self-Assessment Instruction Manual for more information on how to complete the self-assessment.

Results are available within 48 hours after the end date (January 29, 2021). Results will be sent to Team Leads after they are downloaded and reviewed by the Accreditation planning team. After the self-assessment is complete, Accreditation Canada compiles the responses and prepares an aggregate report for teams to review. As a reminder, surveyors do not have access to the results and we are not evaluated based on the results of our self-assessments. The process is just for us to reflect on the criteria and create action plans as needed.

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