Environmental Action

What We Recycle And What Goes Where

Do we recycle coffee cups? Are stir sticks considered organic waste? Do we recycle batteries? We answer these questions and more in the PDFs below. Please click on your site to see the full lists, and share it with your colleagues! 

A Green Workplace

  • Turn off your computer at the end of the work day. 
  • Report tap leaks and running toilets to Engineering. 
  • Turn off your lights whenever you leave your office. 
  • Carefully separate recycling, compost and landfill. 
  • Use reusable water bottles. 
  • Bring a reusable coffee mug whenever you enjoy a beverage at work. 
  • Did you know we recycle batteries and toner cartridges? 
  • Go electronic! If you have to print, do so double-sided and in black and white. 

View a green workplace infographic.

Last updated April 16, 2021