2020 Award Winners

Celebrating our Education Week winners

By Selma Al-Samarrai

Every year, we celebrate our learners and educators at Unity Health Toronto through site-specific academic achievement awards ceremonies. This year’s celebrations took place from Nov. 2 – 6, and gave the network an opportunity to recognize the incredible work and impact of our teachers, students, residents, interns and fellows.

“Unity Health takes pride in the distinguished history of teaching and education at each of its sites,” said Beverly Bulmer, Vice-President, Education at Unity Health.

“There is extraordinary value that teaching brings to our patient care that our physicians and staff provide, and we instill a culture of learning that pushes us to always stay on top of new ideas, emerging trends, and best practices. This week, we recognize all of our leaders, mentors, and coaches who support our learning environment with exceptional teaching and role modeling.”

The theme selected for this year’s Education Week was Allyship.

“Allyship is a critical aspect of our education mandate which supports our students, colleagues and patients who are BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, or members of other minority groups,” said Bulmer. Bulmer added that it’s the Education group’s goal to help staff, students and physicians recognize their privilege and become better allies in the workplace. “We have to do this at every level of the organization in order to see the culture change that we want.”

Congratulations to all of our Education Week winners, who are listed below.

Academic Achievement Day Awards at St. Joseph’s

St. Joseph’s Academic Achievement Day celebrates staff and physicians at St. Joseph’s who foster a culture of learning, innovation and education, and who use new knowledge to improve our patient care.

Award(s) Award Winner(s)
Interprofessional Provider (IPP) award winners
Interprofessional Education Teaching Award Abdulhadi Abdulhadi, Pharmacist
Early Career Educator Award Peter Dennis Garcellano, Clinical Educator – Nursing
Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award Laura Prince, Medical Education Specialist in Ultrasound
IPP – Ambassador Award Geeta Juta, Clinical Educator – Nursing
Department of Medical Education & Scholarship (DMES) award winners
DMES Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award – Undergraduate Preceptor Category Dr. Sammy Sue, Emergency Medicine
DMES Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award – Medical Learner Category Dr. Osman Kahiye, Family Medicine
DMES Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award – Postgraduate Preceptor Category Dr. Aaron Orkin, Emergency Medicine
DMES – Ambassador Award Dr. Karen Arcot, Internal Medicine
DMES Excellence in Medical Education Award – Large Program Department of Anaesthesia
DMES Excellence in Medical Education Award – Small Program Division of Palliative Care


St. Michael’s 15th Annual Education Achievement Day

Education Achievement Day at St. Michael’s is an annual celebration of our physician educators.

“Our physician educators have an incredible impact on our residents and medical students as future colleagues. Their work shapes the learning environment at large and the experience of their learners which ultimately significantly supports our patient care,” said Sasha Miles, Director of Clinical and Integrated Education, St. Michael’s.

Award(s) Award Winner(s)
Board of Directors
Complete Physician Award Dr. Stephen Hwang, Staff Physician, General Internal Medicine
Student Centre & DFCM
Philip Berger Advocacy Award
  • Arnav Agarwal, Resident PGY3, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Emma Skolnik, Resident PGY5, OB/GYN
Family & Community Medicine
Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Dr. Hannah Feiner, Staff Physician, Family Practice Unit
Dr. Irv Gora Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award Dr. Charlie Guiang, Staff Physician, Family and Community Medicine
Collaborator Award For Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Gilda Barillas, Admin Assistant, Family and Community Medicine
Surgical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. Nav Nijhawan, Staff Physician, Ophthalmology
Medical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. Nupura Bakshi, Staff Physician, Ophthalmology
Dr. Michael Shea Commitment to Ophthalmology Education Award Dr. Jonathan Micieli, Staff Physician, Ophthalmology
Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award Dr. Jeremy Hall, Staff Physician, Orthopaedics/Trauma
William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award Dr. Sarah Ward, Staff Physician, Orthopaedic Surgery
Jameel Ali Continuing Education Award Dr. Amit Atrey, Staff Physician, Orthopaedic Surgery
Squires-Hyland Trust James Waddell Mentoring Award Dr. Joao Rezende-Neto, Staff Physician, General Surgery
Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award Dr. Adam Mosa, Resident PGY3, Plastic Surgery
William Noble Fellowship Teaching Award Dr. Bokman Chan, Staff Physician, Anesthesia
Art Dunn Postgraduate Education Award Dr. Rachel Martin, Staff Physician, Anesthesia
Art Dunn Undergraduate Education Award Dr. Dipen Thakrar, Staff Physician, Anesthesia
Excellence in Neonatal Intensive Care Teaching Dr. Tony Barozzino, Staff Physician, Pediatrics
Excellence in Ambulatory Pediatric Teaching Dr. Elizabeth Young, Staff Physician, Pediatrics
Robert H. Hyland Teacher of the Year Award Dr. Kieran McIntyre, Staff Physician, Respirology
Division of Cardiology Luigi Casella Award Dr. Abdul Al-Hesayen, Staff Physician, Cardiology
Michael Ward Mentorship Award Dr. Gary May, Acting Head, Gastroenterology
Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Awards
  • Dr. Andrew Yan, Staff Physician, Cardiology
  • Dr. Christine Song, Staff Physician, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Eric Tseng, Staff Physician, Haematology/Oncology
  • Dr. Jeffrey Perl, Staff Physician, Nephrology
  • DR. Laura Walker, Staff Physician, General Medicine
  • Dr. Martina Trinkaus, Staff Physician, Haematology
  • Dr. Natalie Wong, Staff Physician, Critical Care
  • Dr. Reena Pattani, Staff Physician, Internal Medicine CTU
  • Dr. Sharmistha Mishra, Staff Physician, Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Yuna Lee, Staff Physician, Internal Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Stephen Im, Staff Physician, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Eliane Shore , Staff Physician, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Paul McCleary Award Dr. Tatiana Freire-Lizama, Staff Physician, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Antonio Cecutti Prize Dr. Meghan Brown, Resident PGY5, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Medical Imaging
Professor Ronald W. McCallum Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Quality, Innovation and Research in Medical Imaging Dr. Aditya Bharatha, Staff Physician, Neuroradiology
Professor William J. Weiser Award for Excellence in Teaching of Medical Imaging Residents and Fellows
  • Djevan Deva, Staff Physician, Diagnostic Radiology
  • Dr. Guan Huang, Staff Physician, Diagnostic Radiology
Laboratory Medicine
Kalman Kovacs Award for Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Kiran Jakate, Staff Physician, Laboratory Medicine
Bernadette Garvey Award for Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Hasan Ghaffar, Staff Physician, Laboratory Medicine
Arthur Vandenbroucke Award – Laboratory Technologists & Technicians Dr. Lananh Nguyen, Staff Physician, Laboratory Medicine
Student Experience Committee
2020 Student Experience Award Wallace Dakwa, Systems Coordinator, Student Centre
FitzGerald Academy
Clinical Skills Teacher Award Dr. Renata Leong, Staff Physician, Family and Community Medicine
Health in Community Award Dr. Caroline Jeon, Staff Physician, Family and Community Medicine
Health Science Research Award Dr. Karim Ladha , Staff Physician, Anaesthesia
Case-based Learning Teacher Award Dr. Cathy Streutker, Chief, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Clerkship Award
  • Shree Bhalerao, Staff Physician, Psychiatry
  • Dr. Casimir Soare, Staff Physician, Family and Community Medicine
Resident/Fellow Teacher Award
  • Jeremy Zung, Resident PGY5, Neurology
  • Elizabeth Miazga, Clinical Fellow, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Jessie Peng, Resident PGY2, Internal Medicine
Master Teacher Award Dr. Paul Das, Staff Physician, Family and Community Medicine
Friends of the Academy Pansy Schulthess, Manager, Clinical Quality & Patient Safety Education, Perioperative Services

Leadership Development Certificate recipients at Unity Health Toronto

The recipients of the Leadership Development Certificate (LDC) have completed the required workshops through our Leadership and Organizational Development program to receive this certificate. We recognize these graduates and their hard work during Education Week.

Providence Healthcare:

  • Ronald Perinpanayagam
  • Lorna D’Souza

St. Joseph’s Health Centre:

  • Meenaskhi Patel
  • Hanna Poznanski

St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Devin Meireles
  • Arifa Rahman
  • Beretta Feron
  • David Tennant
  • Gurpreet Lakhanpal
  • Heather Charlesworth
  • Candi Kokoski
  • Greg Winson
  • Connie Camilleri
  • Joanna Stanley
  • Natalia Zapata
  • Michelle Bather
  • Farhad Karbassi
  • Prabha Mattappally
  • Chantelle Morgan
  • Jeevithaa Puvirajasingam
  • Julia Lee
  • Merle Uglow
  • Raphael Duvoue
  • Alana Harrington
  • Kerry Lynne Penny
  • Jannet Hudson